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You could scour the internet, haunt the library and spend weeks researching in order to learn how to raise poultry. Or you could just read this free poultry guide!

Inside, You’ll Discover…

+ Your Quick Guide to Strong Hens
+ Flock Strongfeeding guide
+ Egg-ticipation: Weeks 15-17
+ Laying hens
+ Molt and retirement
+ Choosing a layer feed and switching feeds
+ The Oyster Strong® System and shell strength
+ Supplements, treats, and foraging
+ Signs of good nutrition and hen health
+ Coop comfort and safety
+ Biosecurity and coop cleaning
+ Seasonal weather care
+ Egg goals
+ Egg information
+ Colored eggs
+ Feed digestion and egg formation
+ Why hens stop laying
+ Molt
+ Hen pecking
+ Rooster care and feeding
+ Adding new birds
+ Going organic
+ Hatching eggs at home
+ Other frequently asked questions

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