Identifying and Treating Respiratory Infections In Chickens

Knowing the Difference Between a Chicken Sneezing and a Dangerous Disease

Identifying and Treating Respiratory Infections In Chickens
Add to Favorites Respiratory infection in chickens is a serious concern, but many new flock owners tend to jump to conclusions every time a chicken sneezes. Keeping your birds healthy should be something you take seriously, but knowing the difference between an errant sneeze and an acute onset of a respiratory infection in chickens will ease the nerves a bit. Sneezing vs. Sick Chickens sneeze on occasion, just like us. It’s when they show other sick chicken symptoms in conjunction with persistent sneezing that we need to be concerned. Listlessness, lethargy, diarrhea, noisy breathing, cyanosis, and abnormal behaviors should be cause for concern. Respiratory Infections in Chickens There are many different respiratory (breathing) specific diseases to poultry, and not all of them respond to the same medications. It’s easy for a layperson to incorrectly diagnose them, so if you see sick birds in your flock, seek the professional opinion of a

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