Keep Rats Out of Your Urban Chicken Coop

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Keep Rats Out of Your Urban Chicken Coop
Add to Favorites By Maureen Mackey, Oregon Keeping chickens provides so many benefits, it’s no wonder many city-dwellers have in-stalled coops in their backyards. There is no need to live on a farm to enjoy having fresh, wholesome eggs to eat, improved soil quality and natural pest control. But there’s a snake in this urban Garden of Eden, and in this case it’s a furry, four-legged rodent. Like uninvited houseguests that won’t leave, rats may help themselves to your poultry hospitality if you don’t take steps to stop them. And rats pose a definite threat to chickens and their owners. Portland, Oregon, is just one of many cities across the country that has embraced the popular trend of backyard chicken coops. And Portland has a rat problem, which makes people wonder whether chicken coops are making the problem worse. Christopher Roberts, Public Health Vector Specialist for Multnomah County Vector Control in Portland,

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