How To Read Coop Cards

Going To Your First Poultry Show? This Will Help

How To Read Coop Cards
Add to Favorites By Christine Heinrichs, California Whether you plan to show your chickens or are attending a show to look at the chicken possibilities, learning to read the Cage Cards will help. They are written in a shorthand that requires some deciphering. Chickens are judged according to the way they are classified by the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association. Consult the APA Standard of Perfection and the ABA Bantam Standard for all the details. Bantam classes are different from large fowl: Modern Game; Old English Game; American Game; Single Comb Clean Leg (SCCL); Rose Comb Clean Leg (RCCL); All Other Comb Clean Leg (AOCCL); and Feather Legged (FLEG). The logic is to keep similar birds together. Signs indicating where the various classes are caged are often placed on top of cages or in another easily seen location. The signs will help you identify which breeds are

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