Healthy Feed: Broody Hens & Chicks

Poultry Feed Questions & Answers By Lisa Steele

Healthy Feed: Broody Hens & Chicks
Q: I have a broody hen sitting on eggs that will hatch in a few days. What should I feed her and her new baby chicks? It seems like it will be nearly impossible to feed her layer feed while feeding the chicks their chick feed. And how can I keep the rest of the flock from eating the chicks’ food? A: I actually recommend separating a broody hen and her chicks from the rest of the flock. That serves two purposes: it keeps the chicks safe from the older hens and rooster until they’re a bit bigger, and also keeps the older hens from eating all the chicks’ feed. Although a broody hen will usually protect her chicks from the others, I like to give her the chance to care for her babies instead of having to always be vigilant, so separating them works well for both these reasons. The

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